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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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continues to fall hurt most of the south and the snowball we had a week front pass-through with us that the triggered some of the skill will students fade awayil broomfield will begin to shrinki out. we'll talk more about the weakened arctic air that's
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it extends from for all the way up to new england. in another little system coming in for the most part we're not anticipating any issues. soon be. the setup
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weekend. when you start combining both those notice the temperatures will start to fall significantlyt snow cover will start to extend
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all it will get colder were coming and when the bars are closing. we're doing overnight work. use east ninth as your
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>> it's a sure sign spring is almost here. pitchers and catchers will report to training camp on the 17th and the rest of the squad is due in on the 21st.
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melissa reid has more. >> to build the practice and training facility that means that they would essentially be plenty for the browns to move training cap to columbus this approved according to the mayor the browns just signed an
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city. i think leaving them here is the most beneficial thingav including the city. the team said that it was
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by area use an 11 month it's not about why the fight to get themt back is headed back to the courtroom. it took a few phone calls to the cavaliers for lebron to step it up how he's gone above and
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the temperature right now middle 20s. a week front the area late last nightk in the geauga. we are sure i had some snow down into akron were not only was in the effect of the from the winds aren't conducive for widespread lake affect. the temperature means mostly clear 19 mostly clear in vermillion same new line 24 partly cloudy in cleveland. here's the eight-day forecast as we was see some sunev by the beginning of next week were anticipating some rain and wet snow on monday both of these meaning we will see several of them will be cooper systems
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the accumulations will be cool down as he started near 32 werewe going to get some like affectli insults winters definitely coming back. on the servers who look okaylo despite having some about snowfall overnight is off on the side of the road leading up things look good no issues there. surveillancehi found thatf strongsville no problems as you had from strongsville through middleburg heights and
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drive times have been easy. tickets for the saint jude dream home:72 weeks at 6:00 a.m. thehe cost $100 each the ticket will also give you a chance to win a lot of other fabulous prizes head over to for more information.n. ask and you shall receive. they have a dream to basically the residence, for the wish they try to make it happen. t his dream was to watch lebron james playre he made a few calls
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a step further he also one of the i promise for spencer one of his perfect he's been extremely excited. his face says it all. >> a lebron also signed a lettera telling them to never give up on the streets and thanking him for being such a big fanin they also getl to attend the game because he hasn't been too g once and our place at richfield coliseum. 4:27 a.m. is your time keep it right here for much more fox 8 news in the morning including weather and traffic updatesu every eight minutes standing on the edge of her british man threatens toof end his life video on how police shape saved him
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is how much it costs for police officer to keep his canine partner. why he had to pay for his
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